> Golf Course Rules  





1. The Greens Committee shall be made up of the Chairman (appointed by the Board), President of the Men’s Golf Association, President of the Women’s Golf Association, Golf Course Superintendent, Golf Professional, at least three at-large members appointed by the Chairman, and a member of the Board of Directors (if they are not serving as Chairman). At-large members shall serve three-year terms.

2. The Committee shall establish, with approval of the Board, all rules governing the use of the golf course and practice areas. It shall take appropriate action regarding violation of course rules as soon as possible after an infraction is reported.

3. The Committee shall recommend any capital projects requiring capital funding to the Board of Directors for approval.  It shall work with the Course Superintendent to establish the time frame for the completion of the projects.



1. Any infraction of the Rules shall be reported to the Greens Committee. The report shall be tendered in writing, and the person reporting the infraction shall sign their name. A letter shall be written to the person or persons reported informing them of the nature of the offense and reminding them of the specific regulation involved. The person making the report shall remain anonymous unless the incident is of such magnitude that it becomes necessary that the anonymity of the person be revealed.

2. A first infraction may result in a letter, and/or suspension, and/or fine, depending on the severity of the violation.  If the offender is a dependent, the dependent and their parents will be required to appear before the Greens Committee for explanation.

3. A second infraction may result in a suspension and/or fine depending on the severity of the violation.  The person (and their parents, if a dependent) will be required to appear before the Greens Committee for explanation. 

4. A third infraction, within a twelve-month period may result in a fine, suspension, and/or the permanent loss of all privileges involving the golf course and club facilities. The offender (and their parents, if a dependent) may be required to appear before the Greens Committee and/or Board to explain their inability to function within the framework of Club Rules. 

5. Any action resulting in damage to the golf course or club property will result in the offender (and their parents, if a dependent) being held financially responsible for the cost of repairs, a suspension, and/or a fine as deemed appropriate by the Green’s Committee.

6. The General Manager, Assistant Managers, Club Pro, Assistant Pro, and Greens Superintendent have full authority to enforce the rules. This includes the right to immediately suspend club privileges indefinitely or for a specified period.  The Greens Committee or Board will meet as soon as reasonably possible afterwards to discuss such an incident. 



1. Members are expected to maintain a reasonable pace of play. To avoid golf course congestion, it is strongly suggested that families or groups of golfers with less experienced players secureplaying times after 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  The Pro Shop staff or Starter may delay the starting time of a group if necessary to avoid congestion. 

2. All tournaments and games shall be conducted under the rules of the United States Golf Association, except as may be modified by the respective tournament committee. All members are urged and requested to become familiar with these rules and to aid in their enforcement. Knowledge of these rules should minimize misunderstandings that might arise among Club members. All corporate, charity, or fundraiser golf events will be played on Mondays, except as approved by the Greens Committee or Board of Directors.

3. The Golf Course is closed on Mondays until noon except on holidays that fall on Monday.

4. Golf Course maintenance personnel take precedence over all other activities. SPECIAL NOTE: Playing into maintenance personnel, in any instance, will be considered an infraction.

5. No one under 14 years of age will be allowed to tee off before 2:00 p.m.on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, unless accompanied by a parent. The Pro Shop may also designate other restricted times as necessary. 

6. Any person under the age of 12 must check-in and have Pro Shop approval to use the golf facilities if unaccompanied by a parent.

7. No disrespectful behavior will be tolerated toward club property or any club employee.

8. No fishing is allowed except as specified by the Board.

9. No littering will be allowed on any areas of the Course. Please keep your Course clean.

10. A Course Marshall will monitor the Course on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and other times deemed necessary by the Golf Professional. The Marshall will enforce all Golf Course Rules and Procedures and pace of play requirements, assist with tournaments and special golf events, and make every effort to make play more enjoyable for all players.



1. Prior to teeing off, all members must register themselves and their guests in the Pro Shop or with the Starter.  Failure to do so is a rules infraction.

2. Tee Times are required on Saturday, Sunday, & holidays before 2:00 p.m.

3. Every player shall have his or her own set of clubs.

4. All play shall start on hole #1. Only the Golf Professional or Starter may grant permission to start on #10.

5. Foursomes and fivesomes are encouraged at all times in order to accommodate the maximum number of players. No group of less than 3 players or more than 5 players are permitted to play before 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays between April 15 and September 15. The Pro Shop will coordinate pairing small groups together that desire to do so. The Pro Shop or Starter may, at their discretion,allow groups of one or two players. No sixsomes are permitted any time on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays between April 15 and September

6. Players should play at a good pace and be ready to play when it is their turn. It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front. Players should invite the group behind to play through if a clear hole has been lost to the group in front.  Players searching for a lost ball should signal players behind to play through when it becomes apparent the ball will not be easily found. In any event, the search for a lost ball is limited to five minutes.

7. No player shall play until the players in front are out of range.

8. Members and their guests will obey all posted signs on the golf course, practice tee and other areas.

9. Tuesday is Ladies Day, and ladies take PRIORITY over all other matches.



1. Practicing anywhere, other than in the designated practice areas, shall be a Rules infraction. There will be no on-course practice except as conducted with the Club Pro as part of a lesson. 

2. Under no circumstances are practice shots to be hit from any tee box or top of the hill area, with the exception of a mulligan at the start of the day’s play.

3. Persons using the practice range should avoid hitting into Holes #9, #12 and #13. Repeatedly or purposely hitting into these areas shall be a rules infraction. Please keep shots within the range confines for the safety of other golfers. Also, the destruction of range balls by any means, including hitting range balls into ponds, is expressly prohibited. 

4. Range balls are for designated practice areas only and should stay on the range or chipping green. It is not permissible to use range balls on the course.



1. The Golf Course boundaries are designated by white stakes as being out of bounds.

2. For the protection of other golfers, and for minimum interference with players on other holes, hole #s 3, 6, 9, and 14 have in-course out of bounds. These are marked by white stakes and apply to all shots, not just the tee shot, on each hole. The first and last stakes on these holes are marked with black stripes.  A line to the nearest adjoining black-striped stake will be used to determine the beginning and ending out-of-bounds area.  (For balls left of the OB stakes on #3 or right of the OB stakes on #14, line up the black-striped stakes on these holes.  Balls right of the OB stakes on #6 and #9 will use the adjoining striped stakes on #14 and near the driving range, respectively. 

3. The power lines and poles along holes #17 and 18 shall be played as obstructions as defined in the USGA Rules of Golf. If a ball strikes a line or pole, it should be played as it lies. A ball shall not be replayed without incurring a penalty.

4. There shall be no dredging, diving, wading, swimming, or any similar activity to retrieve golf balls in mass except as specifically approved by the Greens Committee or Board.



1. Faulkner County resident non-members are allowed use of the golf course, swimming pools, and tennis courts up to a cumulative total of three (3) times in a calendar year, as a guest of a member.

2. All members are responsible for the fees, charges, and conduct of their guests. Non-registration of a guest will result in an automatic $50.00 fine plus green fees charged to the member.

3. Non-Faulkner County residents having a membership in a country club, may enjoy the facilities of the Golf Course upon payment of the regular green fees. Registration and payment must be accomplished in the Pro Shop prior to beginning play. Visitors may charge their green fees back to their home club only if they belong to a club that reciprocates with Conway Country Club.




1. Rental Carts are the property of the Club. All users are requested to drive properly and only in authorized areas. Any damage to the carts or the Course caused by improper use will be charged to the user of the cart. Club carts will not be rented to, or driven by, any person under the age of 16. Club carts are to be returned immediately to the Pro Shop area upon completion of use, and the key returned to the Pro Shop attendant. The Club will not assume any property damage or public liability that may result from the use of club carts.

2. Cart traffic on the course is controlled by a flag system. Flag stands are located by the cart path on #1 (near the clubhouse) and by #10 tee. The following flag system will be in effect:


GREEN FLAG - All carts use 90-degree rule. Carts must drive on the cart path until reaching the ball, then drive off the path at a 90-degree angle to the ball. When the ball is played, the cart must then return by the same route to the cart path. The cart is not to be driven down the fairway at any time.

YELLOW FLAG – All carts must stay on the cart path at all times, except those displaying a handicap flag may use the 90- degree rule.  Handicap status may be applied for and determined by the Pro Shop.

RED FLAG - All carts must stay on the cart path at all times. 

BLACK FLAG - Course closed, including practice areas.


3. Carts shall not be driven off the cart path within 30 yards of a green or tee.

4. No vehicles, except maintenance vehicles, are allowed on the Course.

5. The use of private carts is a privilege, not a right. All private carts must be registered with the Business Office and shall have current Trail Fee Labels affixed in the appropriate location. Any damage resulting from the use of private carts is the responsibility of the owner. Owners shall restrict operation of their cart to persons 16 years of age or older unless accompanied by a parent. The Club assumes no responsibility or liability for privately owned carts, either on or off the premises. Any unsafe or inappropriate operation of golf carts is a Rules infraction.

6. Owners shall restrict operation of their cart to persons 16 years of age or older unless accompanied by a parent.  An exception will be made to allow driving privileges for privately owned carts at age 15 if the dependent is properly registered through the Pro Shop and a waiver form has been signed by the parent. The Club assumes no responsibility or liability for privately owned carts, either on or off the premises. Unsafe or inappropriate operation of golf carts is strictly prohibited.

7. All golf carts, both Club and private, are limited to 2 people per cart unless there are 2 adults persons 16 or older and one child or unless there is 1 adult person 16 or older and 2 children.



1. Golfers shall, at all times, wear suitable clothing and shoes. No tank tops, T-Shirts, or muscle shirts are allowed. Men are required to wear shirts with sleeves and collars. Mock turtlenecks are allowed as long as the length of the collar is 1 ¼”.  This applies to any golfer 10 years old or older. Women may not wear swimsuits, halter-tops or bare midriff blouses. If shorts are worn, they should be of generally accepted length. No cut-offs are allowed. Persons on the Course wearing improper clothing or shoes will be asked to leave immediately at the Pro Shop’s discretion and the action will be reported as an infraction.

2. Soft spikes, spikeless golf shoes, or tennis shoes are mandatory.



1. Under no circumstances shall a ball be played from any putting green other than the hole being played. If a ball lies on a green or its approaches, it must be lifted and placed, without penalty, to one side of the area, not nearer the hole being played.

2. A player or a caddie shall not place a golf bag or cart on the surface of a putting green. Players will not drive their golf carts within thirty (30) yards of the green except when on a cart path.

3. All divots should be properly and carefully replaced in the fairways and roughs.

4. Ball marks on the green should be repaired in the proper manner.

5. After playing from a sand trap, all depressions and footprints should be carefully raked and smoothed. Sand traps should always be entered and exited at the lowest point to minimize damage to the trap. Please leave rakes in bunkers.